TecoFix is a co-polymer ionic, organic, non-polluting emulsion that enables a continuous process in which the preparation of the sub-base, the base and the compaction can take place uninterrupted. TecoFix is a 3rd generation soil stabiliser that compacts dirt roads, giving them a hardness similar to cement. It is a polymer derivative, capable of achieving similar results to those obtained in stabilisation with lime and/or concrete, but without the problems of cracking or incompatibility with the natural soil.

TecoFix has the appearance of a viscous white liquid. It forms a plastic layer around soil particles, especially clay particles. This facilitates the compaction of the soil and allows the water often found around these particles to be released from the matrix. During the process, the soil gets compacted to a higher density. TecoFix neutralizes the electrical charges that occur between the soil particles, this allows it to be compacted to the highest degree, resulting in increased friction between particles, which is converted into a greater load capacity for the soil


The main advantages of this liquid soil stabiliser are:

  • Hardness and resistance: its application converts dirt roads into a solid surface which can permanently support heavy road traffic; it gives them a hardness similar to that of cement.
  • It is economical: it enables a continuous labour process and does not require the addition of aggregates or graded aggregates. A litre of TecoFix® is enough to cover between 3m2 and 6m2, depending on expected traffic. The cost of the work is reduced by at least 50%, compared to other methods of soil compaction.
  • It is fast: A road compacted with TecoFix® can be used between 24 and 72 hours after application. It also represents a time saving of at least 50% compared to conventional treatment, between3000m2 to 5000m2 /day.
  • It is Durable: between5 and 10 years, depending on the traffic.
  • It is eco-friendly: the product is non-polluting and environment friendly. It does not damage the ecosystem, nor is it harmful to human beings. If it seeps into groundwater it does not contaminate marine life (fish, existing plankton, etc.).
  • It is waterproof: water cannot penetrate the surface, but goes into the gutters, so it (water), does not damage or erode the road compacted with TecoFix®.
  • It does not generate mud or dust: the road does not generate dust into the surrounding environment that it may be resting on.
  • It does not oxygenate: the product does not allow grass to grow back on the road.
  • It is aesthetic: the road is totally integrated into the landscape. You can also apply the colour that you want, using another application method. You can also paint traffic or other instructions on the road, without any problem.
  • It is easy to use: the product is applied in 4 easy steps.

These advantages lie in the long molecular structure of TecoFix® as well as its high chemical compatibility, to construct a reticulated compacting structure around soil particles. When the water in the soil or aggregate dissipates, it creates a flexible, durable and water-resistant solid mass matrix. Once treated, TecoFix® leaves a transparent finish, with a natural appearance on the surface that is intact

Our product can be applied to different construction projects:

Asphalt roads (TECOFIX® SYSTEM + ASPHALT): TecoFix® is used as a road base, replacing the current method of road construction bases, called box method. 20cm of soil compacted with TecoFix® has the same characteristics as 50cm of the box method. This process does not require the use of aggregates or graded aggregates, with the consequent saving of truck movements and avoiding CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The time it takes to execute the work as well as its cost, are reduced by at least 50% with respect to the box method. The sealing that the product provides prevents water leaking via the gutters which can cause damage to the sub-base, thereby preventing the deterioration and appearance of bumps on the asphalt.


  • Non-asphalt roads: TecoFix® is used in rural roads and tracks without asphalt. It lasts 5 to 10 years, depending on the traffic. During the setting process of the road or path, 28 days is required to obtain hardness parameters similar to cement. It is not harmful to the environment, it is waterproof and aesthetic, as the road is the same colour as it was before the product was applied.

The methods that are currently used in rural roads are: compaction of the ground adjoining the road, compaction with natural graded aggregate and irrigation with compaction (lime cement). These methods present problems such as lack of durability (between 1 and 2 years); when it rains they become waterlogged and unusable, which will require the use of heavy machinery such as backhoes. TecoFix® does not present any of these problems.

For road paths or similar, with heavy duty vehicular traffic(80 tonnes truck) or runways for light planes with up to 30 passengers, the double compaction method will be used (working with 40 cm of the existing ground).

The following process is recommended:

(a) Scarify between 15 and 20cm, breaking all the blocks of accumulated materials. Remove all stones greater than 10cm.

(b) Fill the tanker with water and pour the required amount of TecoFix® into it. Do not do it the other way round as a significant amount of foam would emerge.

(c ) Apply the water-product dilution onto the road to treat, paying special attention to:

– Not focusing on gutters; not wasting the dilution calculated for the road.

– Correctly blend the product with the water, if focus on some areas is more than others it may appear muddy.

(d) Mix the product with the soil, as well as leveling the road to the desired levels.

(e) Compact the road when the result of the Proctor compaction test is optimum. If moisture is lost for any reason, you can irrigate the ground again to obtain optimum moisture.

(f) Another type of optional treatment is not required (e.g. asphalt irrigation). The movement of vehicles within a very short time is recommended (3 to 12 hours depending on the ambient temperature), which will gradually accentuate the compaction of the treated soil.


(a) The amount of water in the dilution will vary depending on the weather conditions and the terrain (humidity, temperature, etc.), and it may vary from the 3 litres of water to 7-8 litres per1 litre of TecoFix®

(b) It is essential that the mixing and levelling process is performed immediately after irrigation, as it has been demonstrated that in conditions involving high temperatures (above 30º C) the product may solidity on the surface making it difficult to level the lower layers.

(c) If it starts to rain once the compaction work is complete, the road will take longer to restore, and therefore must be closed to traffic until it is completely dry.

(d) If the ground is exceptionally wet and even the appearance of mud is produced, you have to wait until the road reaches optimum moisture levels to continue working. (There is no time limit).

(e) Areas that cannot be reached by the tank can be irrigated manually with a gun, with the same dilution used previously for the rest of the road.

TecoFix® has been applied on dirt roads in several parts of the world, (including Nigeria). Below are some pictorial illustrations, where it has been used to carry out adequate work on dirt roads in several parts of the world.

Mud and loose stones make rural and untarred highways impassable during rains, TecoFix® achieves a fast, economic and surprising result, with the added value of aesthetic solidity and perfect road-grip for automobiles and pedestrians alike.


ALWAYS use the amount of TecoFix®recommended by the company.


  • Motor grader equipped with a Ripper (although a simple chisel plough or a double action disk orany other type of Clod Crusher can be used).
  • Rotovator; for better finishes and better levelling of the soil. The use of this machine is recommended, despite the fact that, if you do not have one you could do the same job with the grader and the Ripper.
  • Tanker truck equipped with a Sprinkler, to spray the product correctly.
  • A smooth self-propelled Vibrating Roller of between 12 and 20 tonnes is


(i) The length of the Ripper must be equal to or greater than the distance that separates the machine’s wheels.

(ii) Using the Rotovator is not compulsory, but it has been found that the results obtained are better, in terms of aesthetics and hardness.

(iii) It is very important that the tanker or auto-tank has not previously transported any fatty material (petrol or oils) or fecal waters as it would alter the composition and/or chemical structure of the product.

(iv) The Roller is an essential element for compacting the road; if it does not have the features mentioned above, Land-Fix S.L., is not responsible for the results obtained.

(v) It may be necessary to add materials at any time; otherwise the desired section levels will not be reached.

(c) Materials: • Drinking water (a sufficient quantity)


When handling, TecoFix® is neither toxic nor flammable and is harmless when it is diluted in water. It does not require any special precautions during handling. When concentrated it can cause irritation to the skin; However, this effect can be reduced by washing the affected area with plenty of water. If TecoFix® comes into contact with the eyes or other sensitive areas of the body,wash the area immediately with plenty of water.

Before applying TecoFix®, you need to prepare gutters and/or curbs, if they are prefabricated, taking road surface layers into account correctly, such that there is no difference between them and the road. If TecoFix® is also used to construct the gutters it is advisable to do it at the same time as the road.


TecoFix® is also be applied in tackling soil erosion, and in the making of building blocks and interlocks. Please contact us for any further enquiries or clarification, as well as, where required, to arrange client funded demonstrations, (or as may be agreed)