MCI Resources (W.A) Ltd is the official representative of Land-Fix S.L.. a Spanish company which has pioneered the development of a polymer soil stabilization technology with wide applications in road construction, brick making and other surface remediation situations. The flagship product of Land-Fix S.L id TecFix.

TecoFix is a co-polymer ionic, organic, non-polluting emulsion that enables a continuous process in which the preparation of the sub-base, the base and the compaction can take place uninterrupted. TecoFix is a 3rd generation soil stabiliser that compacts dirt roads, giving them a hardness similar to cement. It is a polymer derivative, capable of achieving similar results to those obtained in stabilisation with lime and/or concrete, but without the problems of cracking or incompatibility with the natural soil.

TecoFix has the appearance of a viscous white liquid. It forms a plastic layer around soil particles, especially clay particles. This facilitates the compaction of the soil and allows the water often found around these particles to be released from the matrix. During the process, the soil gets compacted to a higher density. TecoFix neutralizes the electrical charges that occur between the soil particles, this allows it to be compacted to the highest degree, resulting in increased friction between particles, which is converted into a greater load capacity for the soil

Our product can be applied to different construction projects:

Asphalt roads (TECOFIX® SYSTEM + ASPHALT): TecoFix® is used as a road base, replacing the current method of road construction bases, called box method. 20cm of soil compacted with TecoFix® has the same characteristics as 50cm of the box method. This process does not require the use of aggregates or graded aggregates, with the consequent saving of truck movements and avoiding CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

The time it takes to execute the work as well as its cost, are reduced by at least 50% with respect to the box method. The sealing that the product provides prevents water leaking via the gutters which can cause damage to the sub-base, thereby preventing the deterioration and appearance of bumps on the asphalt.