MCI Resources (W.A) Ltd is the official representative of Land-Fix S.L.. a Spanish company which has pioneered the development of a polymer soil stabilization technology with wide applications in road construction, brick making and other surface remediation situations. The flagship product of Land-Fix S.L id TecFix

TecoFix is a co-polymer ionic, organic, non-polluting emulsion that enables a continuous process in which the preparation of the sub-base, the base and the compaction can take place uninterrupted. TecoFix is a 3rd generation soil stabiliser that compacts dirt roads, giving them a hardness similar to cement. It is a polymer derivative, capable of achieving similar results to those obtained in stabilisation with lime and/or concrete, but without the problems of cracking or incompatibility with the natural soil.



  • Hardness and resistance: its application converts dirt roads into a solid surface which can permanently support heavy road traffic; it gives them a hardness similar to that of cement.
  • It is economical: it enables a continuous labour process and does not require the addition of aggregates or graded aggregates. A litre of TecoFix® is enough to cover between 3m2 and 6m2, depending on expected traffic. The cost of the work is reduced by at least 50%, compared to other methods of soil compaction.
  • It is fast: A road compacted with TecoFix® can be used between 24 and 72 hours after application. It also represents a time saving of at least 50% compared to conventional treatment, between3000m2 to 5000m2 /day.
  • It is Durable: between5 and 10 years, depending on the traffic.
  • It is eco-friendly: the product is non-polluting and environment friendly. It does not damage the ecosystem, nor is it harmful to human beings. If it seeps into groundwater it does not contaminate marine life (fish, existing plankton, etc.).
  • It is waterproof: water cannot penetrate the surface, but goes into the gutters, so it (water), does not damage or erode the road compacted with TecoFix®.